Phabricator inbounding email not working with Sendgrid

Hi I seem to be having a lot of trouble with configuring Phabricator’s inbound email with bitnami and sendgrid.

  1. I have MX 10 as my mx record (verified with nslookup -query=mx

  2. I have url= in my sendgrid preference (no complaints)

  3. I set metamta.reply-handler-domain to

When I send an email,, I am not getting anything from bin/mail list-inbound.

Any help?

Hi @vng;

Have you followed the every step in here? Just to make sure.


I think you have configured it wrong.
For your first step, it should be
For your second step, host should be Url is fine.
For your third step, it should be

Finally, it should be

Because you do not own, right?

Try with the new settings and tell me if they did the trick.


For my first step, how do I even add an MX for I wouldn’t be able to add the MX record for

Hi @vng,

It is not possible to configure MX in BCH. You may want to change to Mailgun, as said in:

Please don’t hesitate to come back any issue you may find.