Phabricator how to enable syntax highlighting

How can I enable syntax highlighting for Phabricator?

When you enable the setting in pygments, I recieve a system configuration warning stating that the syntax highlighting binary Pygments is not available within the path? I assumed that as a bitnami app this would already be available.

Any assistance with this would be great :smile:


Hi @Karl_Bateman,

We already have Pygments binary file downloaded, but you will have to enable it manually. To add Pygments to your PATH, open the following file:


Next, add the following folder to the PATH variable:


So you will have something like:


If it doesn’t work, could you please tell us how you tried enabling Pygments?


Hi @marcos,

Thank you for your response. Sadly I have had to give up on Phabricator and instead opted to use Atlassian Stash for our Git requirements as phabricator seems to be a little to involved and rather cumbersome to use. I had constant issues with the daemon’s failing to run.

Thanks again for your reply and perhaps when I get the time I will set this up on a testing server.


Hi @Karl_Bateman,

I’m sorry to hear that. It seems that Phabricator doesn’t meet your requirements. Please, don’t hesitate to come back in case you need more help with any Bitnami product. We will be glad to help you.

Best regards,