Phabricator allowed-uris value

Hi everyone,

I have some troubles editing the config value phabricator.allowed-uris on a virtual machine.
i’ve tried the config set command, but it asks me to explain the config name in json [“b”,“l”,“a”,“b”,“l”,“a”], but sadly, I can’t use these characters because of keyboards issues with my VM program.

The best solution is to edit manually the local.json, but I can’t find the right syntax, do anybody have an example of a phabricator.allowed-uris json block with one or two values in it ?

[edit] concretely, I want to be able to access to phabricator from 2 hostnames

Thanks in advance :smile:

Hi @vicic_nicolas
Could you try this example? phabricator.allowed-uris is an array of string.

“phabricator.allowed-uris”: "[“”, " . " ""]",


Hope it helps you.

Thank you for your answer,

The fact is that I can’t use chars like ‘:’ of the double quotes (actually I use the QNAP NAS Virtualization station). I am sure some Phabricator users will find your answer helpful !

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: