Path of php extension_dir not change, and extensions not working

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in phpinfo () the php.ini file is in C: \ Bitnami \ wampstack-8.0.3-0 \ php \ php.ini (it is correct) and the extension_dir variable is in C: \ php \ ext, but in the php file .ini is configured in C: \ Bitnami \ wampstack-8.0.3-0 \ php \ ext (it is correct). even if I change the path in the .ini file, in phpinfo it doesn’t change.

Hi @gilberto.lps,

Thanks for using Bitnami. I’m afraid I’m not fully understanding your issue. Can you give us more information? Can you also share any screenshot?

Apart from that, can you restart the Apache service after changing the php.ini file?

thanks for the feedback.

I identified the cause of the error

in the i file, I uncommented display_errors and display_startup_errors, however, these variables were already uncommented further down in the file. I didn’t know they were already active

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