Pages deleted still appear in Google Search

Keywords: WordPress Multisite - AWS - Technical issue - Other

While I had setup my website initially, there were pages which were created by the Bitnami installation. Such as

Now these pages have been deleted from my site. See page list here - . So why are these still appearing on Google Search and opening up?


Hi @ananddevops,

I understand that if pages are still available online, they were either not fully removed from your site or there is any cache between your browser and your website. Can you double-check you removed the pages and that there isn’t any kind of “recycle bin” in WordPress? Apart from that, try to restart services to clean up any present cache (like pagespeed just in case

sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart

If the above doesn’t work, please refer to the WordPress community for help. They must be able to help debugging this issue as they have more knowledge on how WordPress works internally.