Own cloud get username and password when own cloud first opens after install

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How do I get username and password when own cloud first opens after install
In the document the process is described as:

The username was configured by you when you first installed the application.

In my case it was not. I downloaded the image of the own cloud installer in the section “on my Computer”: http://bitnami.com/stackowncloud/installer. I moved the own cloud.app ( = stack) from the image to applications and double clicked it. After clicking the start button and opening own cloud in the browser I arrive at a user login screen. in the whole process there was no step where I configured a user and password.

Can anybody help?

I have an update on the issue:
Now I know when I did enter the credentials during the installation.
I tried it on different Mac again. I Found out that, if I remove the folder:
I can enter the credentials again, as if it would be the first installation.
I recorded the username and password perfectly, but if I open own cloud in the browser, with the button from the bitnami screen labeled “Go to Application”
I arrive at the login to OwnCloud. The username and password I have recorded do not work.
What do I do wrong?

Can anybody help?

Hello @a.roessner,

To check the credentials follow these steps:

  • Click the Start button
  • Click the Open Terminal button
  • Execute:
cat /home/bitnami/bitnami_credentials

I hope it helps

Here is the correct bnsupport ID: 365bfc60-b353-d9b7-464a-5017d85a74a7

Perfect - it worked!
Thanks for your help