OpenClowd VM fails to detect network address under particular network settings in VirtualBox

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If you set VM to run inside VirtualBox Host-only Ethernet Adapter network with Host-only Adapter, scripts inside VM is unable to find IP-address, and subsequently fail to show any credentials for connection even if interface up and running and you’re able to reach site in web browser.
Also, after establishing a connection to the site under this circumstances, you will immediately receive “You are accessing the server from an untrusted domain.” error .

Hi @unhappy.troll,

Thank you for using Bitnami. I just downloaded the latest version of Bitnami ownCloud and created a new Host-only Adapter in VirtualBox


Then configured the application to use that adapter


Then I started the machine and configured the network interface settings

sudo ifconfig NAME_OF_THE_INTERFACE netmask broadcast
sudo ip route add default via
sudo /opt/bitnami/apps/owncloud/bnconfig --machine_hostname

Happy to help!

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Thank you for info on workaround. Still, it does not give the user credentials for login.

Hi @unhappy.troll,

What do you mean with your last message?

  • Can you access the login page?
  • Can you use your credentials? Do you know the ones you need to use?
  • Do you receive any error message when running the commands or when accessing the login page?


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