Open Port 5432 for all IP when have SSH tunnel?

Keywords: PostgreSQL - Google Cloud Platform - How to - Connectivity (SSH/FTP)
Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Sorry for my beginner question.
I have PG 11 server running in VM Goolge.
I have created an SSH tunnel with a public key file.
I can only connect if the 5432 port is open in the firewall. I thought if I have an SSH connection, it is not necessary to open port 5432 for
Do I have to release the port? Other IP space?
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your help.

Frank M

Hola a todos, he probado LMS Canvas en Google Cloud, esta funcionando muy bien, pero desde que se actualizo tengo un blema, mi IP externa no funciona y cuando entro Canvas me da un error Error Ajax: 422
{“errors”:{“base”:“Unexpected error, ID: unknown”},“status”:“AUT”}, alguien me podría ayudar, soy nueva en el tema de la nube.

it’s been dealt with. I exchanged the IP addresses. Now it works as desired.

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Hi @FrankM,

Great to hear that. :smile:

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