Older version of Tomcat stack

I am trying to install icescrum on top of Bitnami Tomcat Stack 7.0.69

However while Tomcat Stack 7.0.69 has JDK 1.8 Icesrum supports 1.7 or less.

I was wonder if it is possible to download Bitnami Tomcat stack with JDK 1.7 or better JDK 1.6


I found the link for lower version of the JDK, problem solved

Hi @kalyan1,

I am glad you could solve your issue. If you run into any other issue, please don’t hesitate to come back and request more help.


David Gonzalez.

Hi @dgonzalez,

We are facing almost same situation.

We need JDK 1.7. By reading changelog, I think Bitnami Tomcat 7.0.64-0 is a good one for us.

Could you please help us on finding the url for download this version?

We want the Linux 64-bit version.

Hi @zhiguo.gao

You can download it here.

shasum e207eba5c6aa1403197b3506fa60204cb0c46829

Best regards,
Carlos R. Hernández

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Really appreciate your help!