Older version of gitlab

Hello, May I know whether it is possible to find a web link which listed all those “bitnami-gitlab-x.x.x.x-linux-x64-installer.run” files. (.installer packages)

Currently in bitnami web-site users could only get Virtual Machines packages… Was xx.run packges not supported any more? thanks


Thanks for the suggestion, it is something that we have already spoken internally.
We do not have a public repository with old versions because these versions might have bugs, security incidents, etc. that have been corrected in later versions. We offer support for the latest versions as we ensure that they are updated and free of any known errors so far.

In the specific case of Gitlab, since a time ago, we are releasing it using Omnibus. If you want to use Gitlab you can launch a VM or use our Cloud Images, in case you want to use Linux installer you should install it via Omnibus.

Also, we can provide you with our older Linux installers (gitlab-6.3.0, gitlab-6.4.3, gitlab-8.16.1, gitlab-8.16.4).

Best regards,
Carlos R. Hernández

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Got it! Thanks for your quick and detailed feedback! :thumbsup:


 We are curently running the folowing version/s of Bitnami/Gitlab:
  - GitLab 7.8.1
  - GitLab Shell 2.4.0
  - GitLab API v3
  - Ruby 2.0.0p598
  - Rails 4.1.1
  - OS Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

We want to upgrade to latest and greatest of the Bitnami/Gitlab stack.
I assume the upgrade path will be similar to one described by @dbarranco above.
Can you please send me:
  - the sequence of installers (binaries) to be downloaded and installed
  - and the documentation/guides to upgrade please.

Else if there is a much quicker path to get from 7.8.1 to 10.x.x.x that will also help.

Thank you kindly.

Hi @andref

With the guides I provided in my last post I think you should be able to follow the guides to update to the latest 8.X guides and then using the upgrade method of the 8.X but making a checkout of the version 10.X.

Would that work for you?

Best regards.


            Jip I think the guides are sufficient . Thank you.

            My actual issue is where can I download the upgrade installer files for BITNAMI UBUNTU  - OS Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS?
            I have logged on with my credentials on the BITNAMI website, but cannot find a download site.
            I am continuously referred to the latest site to download version 10.xxx.

Thank you.

Hi @andref

Sorry if I misunderstood your last post, but wouldn’t this installers work for you? They’re for Ubuntu

Gitlab 7.14.3:

Gitlab 8.4.2:

Gitlab 9.1.1:

Best regards!!


            No prob I was just not sure it was for UBUNTU or maybe for one of the other Linux flavours like CENTOS etc.
            I see now earlier in the discussion someone (me_bin09<https://community.bitnami.com/users/me_bin09>) mentioned UBUNTU.

            Just to confirm:

It is ok to upgrade from 7.8.1 directly to 7.14.3?
Not necessary to first install versions between 7.8.1 and 7.14.3?

Hi @andref

Yes, as the docs points you should upgrade the Gitlab 7.X version to 7.14.3 following this guide. After that you can upgrade Gitlab to the 8.X and continue following the docs I pointed in one of my last posts in order to reach the Gitlab Omnibus installation.

Don’t forget the backups before performing any update!

Would that work for you?

Best regards!


Can you provide GitLab v7.6.1 installation files for Debian/Ubuntu?


Here you are @pedro.salgueiro

md5: 8acedc562669bd99f09b766fda8a94b2

can you provide me 7.8.2 gitlab version for centos 7

Hi @bhim31singh,

We didn’t publish GitLab 7.8.2, but we did publish 7.8.1. This is the link to download the installer


If you need any other version, please check the changelog file


Happy to help!

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