Old version: Liferay 6.1 VMware Virtual Machine (ubuntu)


I’m looking for a Liferay 6.1.X VMware Virtual Machine (ubuntu).

Is there a chance I can get it somewhere?

At the moment bitnami has the 6.2-8 available for download on https://bitnami.com/stack/liferay/virtual-machine,
…but I really needed a 6.1 to test some legacy portlets.

Is there a way to download previous/archived versions of VMs?

If someone could provide a link for the latest 6.1.X that would be great!

Thanks a lot,


Hi @rnfrancom

You can download the virtual machine for the version 6.1.2 using the following link

MD5: b043e71d227685f5ab26b73cdb75944d

I hope it helps.


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Hi @jota!

Thanks a lot!

It’s really useful!


Hi @rnfranco,

I’m glad to hear that.

Let us know if you have any more questions.