Old Version: Lamp stack 5.4.20-0

I’m looking for the installer for the old version of bitnami lamp stack, version 5.4.20-0. Can someone direct me to a download?

Hi @jethfo,

I suppose you have a linux-x64 server, if so you can use this link:

MD5: 48482355e111765fa41b600e821f414f

Let me know if you need the installer for linux x86


Is there a list somewhere which has download links to all the historical versions?

Hello BitnamiBubble,

There is not a public list for that. We use to keep the installer link one year alive. Anyway, you can ask for any existing version whenever you want.


where can I find an installer for an old version of bitnami lamp stack, version 5.4.35-0

Hello @ashutosh,

Please find below the link to the installer you have requested:

md5: 2c7f02b4854d3f8cf306e110c6f86eca

Best regards,

Hi I am looking for a older version of bitnami lamp with mysql version 5.5, 5.6 or 5.7. Can you perhaps help me with a link?

Hi @danieljnaude,

Which version do you want?



Version 7.1.33 would work

Here you are @danieljnaude


Happy to help!

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Hi, im looking the version 5.3.20. Can u help me with a link?

Here you are!

md5: 4bf1ca9625c8518dd83fbfffac128bb6

Happy to help!

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404 returned from the link

Sorry, can you try to download it now?

hi, the link still returns 404.

Hi @jdominguez,

Could you please let us know from where you are? We use a CDN to share those files with the users and it works fine for us when accessing the file from different locations and machines. Can you try downloading the files using a different browser or an incognito window?

That was it, with the incognito window it worked.

Thanks for everything and sorry for the inconvenience

Hello, I want to download 7.4.12-0 version.
How can I do that?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @lonelylovelyman123,



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I’m looking for LAMP version 5.4.11-0 32-bit.
Can you help me?