ODOO Wrong login/password

I have had a search through the topics and tried the proposed solutions however they don’t appear to work.

The password and email I set during the installation process don’t work it keeps saying “Wrong login/password”.

I have already tried changing the ‘admin_passwrd’ field in the config file and it doesn’t resolve the issue after restarting Apache.

I have this installed on Windows Server 2013 and I’ve also tried on a Windows 10 System.

Hi @benhulme

Could you provide us more information about the issue?

  • Version or the application.
  • Did you change any configuration files after installing the application?



In common you don’t have to set passwords using bitnami during installation - however I always use VM. Maybe it is another way building from native installer.
With a VM you can login with user@example.com // bitnami.
Hope it helps.

Hi @mhoeppner,

Thank you for your advice.

Best regards,