Odoo wrong login/password after install

I install odoo on my pc windows 7
after I finished I open in browser http://localhost:8082/web/login
and enter my email and the password to login but it give me wrong login what should I do ??

Hello @razan_g_issa,

The correct credentials to login Odoo are:

  • User: user@example.com
  • Password: The password that you have defined when you start the installation.

You can find more information about Odoo in this link:


Let me know if you have any doubt or question.

Andres Gonzalez

I have tried the same login id and password but still showing wrong User id and password, please help

Hi @zemint,

The credentials should be the email and password you selected during the installation. Default email is user@example.com. Also, the email should match with the one present in the field email_from in installdir/apps/odoo/conf/odoo-server.conf file.

Could you double check your email in the file mentioned above?