Odoo - Impossible to remove Bitnami landing page after installation + app not found

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Hello dear friends, I've installed an old Odoo 8.0-17 stack on new Ubuntu 20.04 server.
1. Now it is impossible to remove Bitnami landing welcome page, I'm using the command lines from the official tutorial, but they don't work:

sudo /opt/odoo-8.0-17/apps/odoo/bnconfig --disable_banner 1
sudo /opt/odoo-8.0-17/ctlscript.sh restart apache

  1. Impossible to access the Odoo application, for this I'm also using command lines from the tutorial:
    sudo /opt/odoo-8.0-17/apps/odoo/bnconfig --appurl /
    But I see this error message when click on Access OpenERP link:
    The requested URL /odoo/ was not found on this server.

After some research I see that file bitnami-apps-prefix.conf is empty.

To summup I would like to access directly to the Odoo application and remove the Bitnami landing page.

Thank you for help!

Some times after installation we can not access to the Odoo app, we see only Bitnami landing page and when click on link “Access OpenERP” we see error:
The requested URL /odoo/ was not found on this server.
That is because Apache *.conf files has been not installed to some folders.
So we need copy those *.conf files manually to the specific folders.

Destination folders where to copy *.conf files: /opt/odoo-8.0-17/apps/odoo/conf/
*.conf files names to be copied:

Destination folders where to copy *.conf files: /opt/odoo-8.0-17/apache2/conf/bitnami/ *.conf files names to be copied or modified:
to : bitnami-apps-prefix.conf
add this line below #commented line:
Include "/opt/odoo-8.0-17/apps/odoo/conf/httpd-prefix.conf"
or just copy a new file with this line.

Hello @kalachnikov_info,

We have a Support Tool that will gather relevant information for us to analyze your configuration and logs. Could you please execute it on the machine where the stack is running by following the steps described in the guide below?

Please note that you need to paste the code ID that is shown at the end.


Hello David, I've found the solution for this particullar issue, so I will close the ticket.

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