Nondestructive Upgrade in Place?

Keywords: Liferay - Windows - How to - Upgrade
My predecessor installed the Liferay stack on a Windows server and then retired to someplace warmer. Now our security office is admonishing us because we have a downlevel Apache httpd running.

What’s the canonical way to update Liferay (or just Apache HTTPD) in place? I looked for it in the documentation but couldn’t find any help. (That may say more about me than the documentation, such as, I’m not the target audience.)

Hi @dplaflamme,

It is not possible to upgrade individual components in our installers. We recommend you install the new version on another machine and then migrate the application data following the official guides on this

OK, good to know. I guess I’m at least glad that I wasn’t able to find something because it didn’t exist. :innocent:

Hi @dplaflamme,

Don’t worry, we are glad to be of help solving your questions! :slight_smile:

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