Non WWW - Registration has been disable Error

Keywords: WordPress Multisite - Google Cloud Platform - Technical issue - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)

bndiagnostic ID: c0701e27-e9a7-a9f6-13d1-8d86f79efe9b

bndiagnostic output:

? Resources: Found possible issues
? Apache: Found possible issues

bndiagnostic failure reason: The suggested guides are not related with my issue

when I open the website with www or https://www it shows the correct site. but it I enter or it gives Registration has been disabled and Not sure what is causing this.

Hi @aruj,

Did you configure WordPress multisite using the steps from this guide?


Hi @michiel

Yes I did. When I ran the diagnostic tool it is showing some error.
Also to temporary solve the issue I am redirecting from Domain Level Configuration

Hi @aruj,

I recommend asking in the official WordPress forum.


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