Node module error Cannot find module '/root/server.js'

Type: Suggestion

Hi, I am trying to get running a web server with MT5

however when I try and run the node server.js terminal command from my MacBook, I get an error saying that the file cannot be found.

it seems that the terminal command is referencing the root/ folder instead of the apache htdocs location where the rest of the site is located.

does anyone know where the root folder is on the apache install so I can define the node terminal line?

Hope that makes sense.

The site is limited in its documentation, but the commands im trying are listed here:

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @jason3,

This is out of the scope of the support we provide. If you want to start a Nodejs server that runs that command, you would need to clone that repo, change directories and run the node command. If you have any issues when running the command, please create a new issue in the Github repository.

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