No module for Wordpress second site for AWS Lightsail Wordpress on Ubuntu

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I want to add another Wordpress site to my AWS Lightsail instance.
From here: Help setting up apache2 virtual host config for bitnami wordpress for two sites (Not multisite)
that I should install the module for Wordpress and that would add another Wordpress application
However the link says these application modules are deprecated:

So do I attempt my own manual install or could I use the full stack install?

If my own manual install - could you outline the steps?

Hi @markjb,

We no longer support installing Bitnami Modules on top of LAMP. We support it for XAMPP though. Theoretically, you can use it on top of LAMP, but we can’t ensure you it will work. If you want to give it a try, you can download it from

You can also get more information about te modules deprecation at

Alternatively, you can manually install WordPress using the guide below about how to manually install a custom PHP application on your Bitnami installation

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