No Let's Encrypt tool or support in WP+NGINX+SSL as claimed on GCP Marketplace

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We are a GCP cloud architects consultancy and had a customer issue came up that needed us to quickly spin up a WP instance. I wanted to report that despite my previous positive experience with Bitnami, the Wordpress stack was a complete let down.

The “WordPress With NGINX And SSL Packaged By Bitnami For Google Cloud Platform” boldly claims:

WordPress with NGINX and SSL combines the most popular blogging application with the power of the NGINX web server. It also simplifies the configuration of Let’s Encrypt certificates to secure it. (emphasis mine).

As I went through the documentation here, I noted how there is NO mention whatsoever of Let’s Encrypt or any easy to use tool. The process is manual! (duh?):

On this page:
On 3rd column, last line, “Auto-configure a Let’s Encrypt certificate” (BTW this article isn’t even in the comprehensive list linked previously), it does talk about a certain bncert-tool that seems like a perfect fit! But wait…

However, that same page (linked from the NGINX+SSL wordpress page), says:
“IMPORTANT: The Bitnami HTTPS Configuration Tool does not support IPv6 addresses, load balancers/CDNs or NGINX web servers yet.”

I hope you see the frustration and how our team just wasted a bunch of our time falling for the false tag line “It also simplifies the configuration of Let’s Encrypt certificates to secure it”.

Unfortunately not at all a good experience.

Hi @sidhant,

Thank you for the feedback. We included a script to configure the SSL certificate but that was giving errors and we removed it. However, the solution still includes the lego client and you only need to run it to generate the Let’s Encrypt certificate. Please take a look at this guide

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