New Wordpress Instance running INCREDIBLY SLOWLY

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I just created a large wordpress instance in AWS and I am finding it is INCREDIBLY SLOW, if it loads at all, when I make even small changes to the site backend.

For example, when uploading a 52 MB image, I get a time out error or lack of server resources. On the front end, my website gets a 524 Error from Cloudflare. However, I have confirmed with AWS that we have ample resources and are operating in a sustainable zone.

I checked the max upload file for my Bitnami instance and it is sufficient. I also do not think it is related to Cloudflare because I am experiencing the same issues when I go directly to the static IP.

The website is It is usually working when I am not making changes.

Any insight into what is causing this issue would be helpful. I migrated my site using an Updraft backup and their Migration tool.

Hello @amanda,

Our diagnostic tool found recent Pagespeed related error messages in the Apache error log:

[Fri May 07 23:30:04.882653 2021] [pagespeed:error] [pid 14424:tid 140590427490048] [mod_pagespeed @14424] PageSpeed Serf fetch failure rate extremely high; only 80 of 666 recent fetches fully successful; is fetching working?

We suggest disabling pagespeed and check if that improves the behavior. Please check the following guide to disable Pagespeed:

The following error appears in the /opt/bitnami/php/var/log/php-fpm.log:

[08-May-2021 00:33:19] WARNING: [pool www] server reached max_children setting (5), consider raising it

This error usually indicates PHP script execution is slow due to busy server resources or buggy scripts. Please check the following guide to increase the number of PHP-FPM child processes:

Could you try the recommended solutions and see if they improve your site performance?

Francisco de Paz

Hi Francisco,

I am sorry that I am not more knowledgeable here, but the documentation you sent through for the pagespeeds/PHP does not include the commands I need to make these edits in the terminal (ie it just says “edit the file” but no command). could you kindly provide them?


Hi @amanda,

To edit the files you will need to use a text editor. We include both nano and vim editors in all our instances. For example, to edit php.ini you will execute:

sudo vim /opt/bitnami/php/etc/php.ini

There are many guides to start using these editors. I suggest you get a basic understanding of any of the editors, it will be really helpful going forward in Linux.

Francisco de Paz

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