New server install, cannot log in to multisite server, get redirected back to login page

Keywords: WordPress Multisite - AWS - Technical issue - Credentials
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I just installed a new instance of “WordPress Multisite Certified by Bitnami and Automattic” on AWS, have not done anything aside from adjusting A records, creating SSL via LetsEncrypt. and removed the Bitnami banner ad - the last two accomplished via cli. I’ve cleared cache and accepted cookies on my browser. I used the login from the log file, do receive any error, get redirected back to blank login page upon each attempt to login.

I make sure the url is “” when logging in however after reloading blank login page url is changed to:

I’ve checked the server error logs @ /opt/bitnami/apache2/logs/error_log and no errors

…one more trouble shooting aspect, since the server is freshly spun there are not any WP sites on it currently thus no plugins

Even though I cleared cookies (using ff) problem persisted. I opened up cookies allowing ALL and this worked. Now I can login without issue.

Thanks for sharing your solution @bxr0354.