New Local Install - Unable to log into MariaDB

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Title says it all. Brand new install, and am unable to access the db either via terminal or phpmyadmin.

  1. I uninstalled everything and went to reinstall and found that I was missing libtinfo.
    Installed libtinfo and reinstalled LAMP. No errors this time.
    (Note to Self: Don’t work with software late at night while half-asleep)

  2. Edited the phpmyadmin file to allownopassword=true.

  3. Attempted to log in to mariadb via phpmyadmin, by using username root, no password.
    Access denied.

  4. Went to the bitnami docs for the mariadb to see if I was missing something.
    Upon following the online docs, apparently I have mysql installed, and yet have neither mariadb, nor mysql installed…even though mariadb is running via the manager.

  5. Any help at this point would be much appreciated.

If you used the native installer in linux, you will need to use root and the password you set during the installation process. You can also confirm the password is the correct one by using the command line

mysql -u root -p

Please remember to load the Bitnami Environment first

The different services Bitnami installs are self-contained inside the installation directory you selected.

I’ve been starting up the server by navigating to /home/server/lampstack-8.1.4-0 and running

When the “LAMP packaged by Bitnami 8.1.4-0” GUI loaded up, I went to the Manage Servers tab and started all servers.

From there I went to the “Welcome” tab and selected “open phpMyAdmin”.

Then I attempted to log in with user root and no password, and attempted to use the root user / pass that I set up, with no luck.

I asked you to use the command line, did you try that?

You didn’t load the Bitnami Environment and that’s why mysql can’t be found.

Well that worked and for some reason I feel like a schmuck. I appreciate you for pointing that out, not sure how I missed it.

As I’m not really a Linux user, just dabbled a bit, I was wondering why the use/lampstack and the manager aren’t a single run file?

The use_lampstack file loads the environment so it allows you run the different commands you can find in our documentation. The manager tool is a GUI that allows you manage the services. You can also use the file to start/stop the services


That makes sense. I appreciate the help in getting this straightened out.

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