New AWS Wordpress AMI to Lightsail (lag between version updates)

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Hello, I’d like to know what the average # days / weeks is for the current Bitnami image available in the EC2 AMI list before it is also updated in Lightsail please?

I have a want / need to use Bitnami Wordpress v5.8.x on a Lightsail instance, however currently this version is only available as an EC2 AMI… the Lightsail version is currently still at v5.7.2
(Right now the EC2 AMI version was only updated 24 hours ago)

Is there a rough estimate / rule of thumb on the timing between the two images?
Thank you

Hello @Timmy,

We publish new versions of WordPress ASAP. We detect it some hours after the upstream release, and start working on that at that moment.

After our release, the new version is available on EC2 and However, AWS is in charge of publishing them on LightSail, so we cannot provide you with an ETA.

To get the latest version of all of our applications for AWS, we suggest that you use our Bitnami Launchpad for AWS . We publish the most up-to-date packages on our launchpad as soon as they are ready.

Alternatively, you can install the installer on LightSail machine. Take a look at this previous case:


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