Need to separate WP Database to have "N" instances accessing the same DB

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Is it possible to split MySql WP Database from an instance and have it accessible from an AWS RDS instance?
I’m using WordPress+NGINX+SSL AMi from AWS Marketplace for a while now, and I have a need to create a Auto-Scalling routine to escalate my instances as web plataform users are growing.
But I do have an area for login in into my website, and if I try to use 2 instances for example, every time AWS Load Balance send users to a different instance, the user have to log in again, with is not the behaviour we expect.
If anyone can help us with some tips about how to have my DB accessible from many Bitnami instances it would be great!
Thanks in advance.
Marcelo Almeida - IT Leader at TincDig

Hi @tectus.incdig,

Thanks for using Bitnami. You can configure WordPress to use an RDS instance as explained in the next guide

If you configure WordPress to use the database in the RDS instance, and you then clone the WordPress instance as part of the Auto-Scaling routine, I understand that the database configuration will be ported to the new instance as well, and both instances will be accessing the same RDS instance. Take it into account when configuring the database instance security group to not limit it to a single IP address.

Additionally, we offer a pre-configured WordPress production ready asset that includes an auto-scaling group. I think it may be a good starting point for you if you don’t want to configure the whole setup manually. We only offer Apache webserver for this setup though

Hope it helps,

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