Need more details about disabling remote authentication for our solr url

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We are trying to disable remote authentication for our SOLR url. I found this link in the support community: Disable Remote authentication for SOLR Urls

I’m hoping that you can provide more details about the commands needed to get to this area of the server: installdir/apache-solr/conf/solr.conf

Also, any info that might be helpful to know about removing LocationMatch.

Hello @vstockton,

Indeed, that thread became a bit outdated throughout the years. The configuration file you are looking for is apache/conf/vhosts/solr-http-vhost.conf and, going by what my colleague recommended, you should now remove the Location section. Remember to backup your configuration before applying any changes and restarting apache after you are done by running:

sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache

Francisco de Paz

Thanks! We were able to disable remote authentication for our server using this information.