Need LAPP w/ Postgres 9.3.22 (or thereabouts) to test upgrading an old Moodle environment to the latest Moodle version

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Hi there,

I’m an administrator of a /really old/ Moodle LMS. It is currently running on Postgres 9.3.22 and PHP 5.6, which I need to upgrade ASAP. I managed to find a LAPP with Postgres 9.4.5 and PHP 5.6 installed, but need a 9.3 version to test the Postgres upgrade from that version as per the Moodle documentation. I searched your website + the internet for a LAPP with this version but was unsuccessful. apt-get install postgres9.3 also failed to find a package.

Does anyone here have a link? I’m very new to LAPP and Linux in general, so any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Hi @Zectzozda

Thanks for using Bitnami LAPP!

Here you have a link to download LAPP installer for Linux shipping PHP 5.4.38 & Postgres 9.3.6:

Does it fit your needs?

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Jose Antonio Carmona

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