Need a old version of Rubystack

Hi, I am looking for a old version of Rubystack - bitnami-rubystack-1.9.3-16-windows-installer.exe. I got some application running on top of the given Rubystack. Due to the hardware issue, I need to move those application to another machine. In order to do a completed and smooth migration, I need to get the given version of Rubystack. At the moment, I cannot upgrade any application nor Rubystack before I stabilize the given situation.

If it is possible, please point me to the location where I can download the given installer. Thanks in an advance.


Hello @ringo.lee,

Here you have it:
md5: 4e409b32b7299bcf277c1f74db247743


Dear David:

Thanks for the link. I got the software now.

Have a nice day


Ringo Lee

Hi for all,

I want a link to version number
bitnami-rubystack-2.1.9-4 windows installer

Thanks in advance


You can download it using the following link:

Best regards,
Carlos R. Hernández

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