My site is suddenly down. Error 500

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My site is suddenly down, giving an error 500, sometimes 504. First time I noticed was happened a couple of weeks ago. That time it was back up running again next morning, without my interference. Now it has been down some 3 days, and still is.

Here is the situation:

  • AWS lightsail (checked, instance is running ok)
  • Wordpress multisite
  • HTTP Error 500
  • Extremely slow or no connection to Bitnami instance when I try to connect from AWS lightsail.

I hope you can help me - I’m out of ideas.

BR, Svante

Hi @SvantePa,

We have a Support Tool that will gather relevant information for us to analyze your configuration and logs. Could you please execute it on the machine where the stack is running by following the steps described in the guide below?

How to Run the Bitnami Support Tool in a cloud image or virtual machine

Please note that you need to paste the code ID that is shown at the end.


Hi Michiel,

It seems I’ve fallen offer for the demo syndrom… The site seems to have fixed itself - after 3 days it’s up running again.

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i am also facing this issue my site suddenly down. Error 500

Hi @apksdesk,

Please open a new request for this issue.


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