My server runs down reasonless

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bndiagnostic ID: 6f4fe06f-8601-55a9-2c85-2899f43a9d27

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? Apache: Found possible issues
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bndiagnostic failure reason: The suggested guides are not related with my issue

When I just restart the bitnami server scripts, it all works well. But after 10-20 mins, it starts again to nomore answer to http requests.

I found out on htop that mysql and php-fpm takes around 400% and 70% of CPU (weird in my opinion, but I do not have enough experience about it to be sure).

I tried everything specified on forums, documentation and websites; I’m about 10 pages read on google for each research. I do not find anything solving my problem

Hi @CharlesParm,

The bndiagnostic tool shows there are a lot of connection attempts from the same IP’s, which normally indicates a bot attack. I recommend checking this guide for blocking them: