My Odoo VM is not reachable, the IP address displayed on the console welcome page is http://0

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Hi All,

First of all thanks to the Bitnami project for providing us with such great solutions.
I have a weird issue:
I imported a VM in VIrtualBox and I can run it.
However, I cannot access the Odoo instance as the IP address displayed is http://0
On ifconfig I do get a correct IP address though.

I am a bit puzzled and any help would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

Hi @issman, I understand your issue is related to VirtualBox networking. If so, refer to this guide for how to connect to your virtual machine from outside of it:

Hope it helps!

Hi @marcos,
Thanks for your answer.
I played around based on the information in the link you provided and could finally get a workaround:

  • I set the networking mode on bridged
  • Gave a static IP address on the same subnet as my Host machine
  • I can now access Odoo and ping the machine

Next step: Configure this IP address as permanent.
Still the address is not correctly shown on the welcome screen

Would you have any idea why the IP is not correctly displayed there?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, @issman.

We have been able to reproduce the issue and we are currently investigating it. Thanks for reporting this.

Is everything else working as expected?


Hi @amoreno,

Thanks for your feedback. Pleasure to help :slight_smile:
I tested the VM quickly and it seems like it is working after setting a static IP.
I did not go in a thorough testing as I do not have the availability for doing so.


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