Multisite Module issue

Hi @ all,
i made all steps and finally i have a problem that my plugin button in the menu left disappeared.
Second problem, i cant add new site in multisite, i can only see site made bevore i installed multisitemodul and there is no button to create new site.

How can i run Bitnami Support Tool? I have installed bitnami to local area.

Hi @samanthadavies846,

Could you tell me the exact steps to reproduce the issue? Are you using WordPress multisite? On which platform? You can find information about running the bnsupport tool here:

How to Run the Bitnami Support Tool


Hi, i made all steps described here: How can I enable wordpress multisite?.
And than i have no Plugin button on the left, and i cant create new site at the multisite modul, look at the screenshot i made.

Hi @a.kaufmann,

I haven’t been able to reproduce your issue. I followed the steps by @jose in the thread you linked in a previous post and I was able to properly enable and install Multisite on a regular WordPress site. The only modification I needed to do to his guide was setting my instance IP address for the HOME and SITEURL values in the database as I’m using a cloud image instead of my local computer and the value that WordPress generates for these parameters is by default.

As you can see in the image above, I added a new WordPress site at IP-ADDRESS/wp2 and I see the “Plugins” button.

I also see that you have some custom plugins such as Avada and others. Can you try using a fresh new instance without adding those plugins? Also please run the bnsupport tool that was mentioned previously, it will help us to debug your issue.

Alternatively, we have a Bitnami WordPress Multisite solution that you can find in the link below. Can you try using this instead of converting a regular WordPress into multisite?


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