Multiple Node apps, multiple domains

Keywords: MEAN - AWS - Technical issue - Secure Connections (SSL/HTTPS)
Hey everyone!

I’m quite new to the whole webserver thing and have a question about letsencrypt.

Here’s my situation:
I have a lightsail instance from AWS which is running the MEAN stack image.
On this instance, I would like to run 3 different nodejs apps.
Each of these apps needs to have it’s own domain name as well as it’s own SSL certificate.
Now, everything seems to go smooth up until the generating of the SSL certificate.
I set up every app in the virtual hosts and eventually I was able to access each app on the http version of their respective domains.

Once I started using the bncert script however, things started to become a bit weird.
I ran the script for each of the domains, thus generating 3 different certificates and I added them manually in the https-vhost.conf.

For some reason 2 out of 3 apps redirected to https automatically but the third app didn’t. I guess my question is, why is this happening. (except for the fact that I’m obviously doing something wrong)

UPDATE: The SSL for the second app doesn’t seem to be working properly after all :frowning:
Guess my question now is: how do I get 3 apps to run on my instance, each with their own domainname and SSL certificate?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @verhelstdaan,

Thanks for using Bitnami. The bncert tool can’t handle the different subdomain and virtualhost scenario yet. You will need to manually generate and configure the SSL certificate for each application. Please find below the link to our documentation for the manual approach

Hi @gongomgra!

Awesome, I’ll give that approach a shot!

Thanks for your help!

Worked like a charm!

Thanks again!

Hi @verhelstdaan,

Thanks for the info. I’m glad you fixed your issue! We will close this thread as solved. Please do not hesitate to open a new one with any other questions you may have.