Moodle Virtual Machine Debian credentials for moodle, mysql and ftp

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I downloaded Debian which has Moodle 3.10.1-4 (.ova format).

I installed it on a virtual machine with Virtual Box 6.1.

I can access the moodle page from another computer.

Can you help me?:

What are the Moodle credentials?
What are the MySQL credentials?
What are the FTP credentials?

Thanks for your help

Hello @luisguillermo2017,

You can check the necessary steps to follow to obtain your credentials in the guides Obtain Application And Server Credentials and Obtain MySQL Credentials.

To access your VM remotely, you can connect to it via SSH from another host of your local network, you can find more information at Connect To The Virtual Machine From Another Host.

If you want to connect to it via FTP, please take a look at Upload Files Using SFTP.

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Thanks for helping.

Now I can access MySQL from debian and Moodle from another computer.

Do you know if Bitnami allows access to the Moodle database from another computer using mysql workbench, heidisql or other software?

I can enter the database from Debian but not from another computer


Hello @luisguillermo2017,

Iā€™m not very familiar with those tools, but you will need to connect via TCP/IP over SSH to the database. You can find more information in the official documentation for MySQL Workbench. Apart from that, you can try using PuTTy to connect to the VM and from there use the mysql-client to access the database.