Moodle on Azure : managing Dev & Prod

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Hello everyone
I’ve seen in the documentation a lots of reference to “from development to production in an easy and a reliable way” but I can’t find any complete description of what it means

I’m in charge of implementing Moodle in the cloud and my proposal is to use the Bitnami multi-tier stack
My enterprise want a dev and a production environment to test plug-ins and updates before applying to prod, it seems that this solution could handle it, but I don’t find the “how” it will work :
Do I need to have more than 1 stack deployed (let’s say one single tier for test & one multi-tier for prod) or can I use one multi-tier bitnami stack to manage both ? how ?

Thanks for your answer, it’s my 1st cloud based project and I don’t have all the knowledge yet


Hi @a_damageux,

Thank you for using Bitnami. If you want an environment to test different things before moving things into production, in theory, the environments have to be as similar as possible. The multi-tier solutions are prepared to have the same configuration, so I think it’s better to have two stacks.


Thank you for your answer
Do you have already procedure to manage test / prod env and moving from 1 to the other ?
Have a great day ?

Hi @a_damageux,

No, we don’t have that in the documentation.

Let me share with you the next link with the documentation we have of Moodle multitier in Azure


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