Modx Installer does not run install script - so no admin credentials asked

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MacOS X 10.14.5, bitnami-modx-2.7.1pl-6-osx-x86_64-vm.dmg native installer. I mount the disk image, drag the Modx Application to the Application folder as indicated, and then launch the application from the Applications folder. I get a notification stating “this is an initial install, so an install script will ask to create credentials”, but after that the installation goes directly to the Bitnami stack manager, where I get the “Start” button. Upon starting the application, all services launch fine, so then my logical option is “go to application”. I get a “modx is running succesfully” page, but when I then go to /manager, it asks me for credentials… Which I do not have, since the install script never ran.
On researching this I found an older post from 2017 with a similar problem, and I tried an older installer (bitnami-modx-2.5.8pl-0-osx-x86_64-installer.dmg), which does run the initial script… But then I’m stuck with an older version of Modx and Bitnami, which I do not want. Suggestions? Thanks! --Mike

Hi @mcarpentier,

The Bitnami OS X VMs come with a preconfigured user and password. You can obtain this information by clicking on the Bitnami banner at the bottom right corner of the site.

In the case of MODX, the credentials are:

user: user
password: bitnami

Happy to help!

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Hi @mcarpentier,

Thanks for using Bitnami. Since a few months, we are providing our OS X users with pre-packaged virtual machines instead of regular installers. Each VM contains all of the software necessary to run it out of the box. This means that there are no additional libraries, databases, and runtimes to download, and, once installed, the new application or development environment will not interfere with other software on your system.

If you visit the ModX application website and click the Bitnami badge in the bottom right corner, you will get the default credentials for the application. You can get more information about how to get started with the OS X virtual machine in the link below

Hope it helps,

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