Module subvertpy not installed -> No connection to subversion possible

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Dear Bitnami-Team,

in the latest version of review board the module subvertpy is not installed. It is therefore impossible to connect to a subversion repository, which is my use case.

Note the following posting:

Here it is noted that in a previous version of the virtual machine the module was installed.

I would be satisfied if I just could download the machine noted in this posting. Or please update the virtual machine with the module subvertpy deployed. Or please tell me how to install the module myself. Thank you.

Best regards,
J. Madel

Hi @j.madel.welldoneproj,

Please find here the requested VM

Note: You should be able to install the python package using pip. If you need to activate the venv, move to the reviewboard folder and run this command ./venv/bin/activate

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