Mobile Device Detection portlet conflicts

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The current Liferay module, Mobile Devices Detection may not be compatible with Bitnami Liferay 7.1 stacks. I have done three times to download it and and installed it into the Bitnami Liferay stack 7.1 through uploading it from inside Liferay application, but every time after I did so the Liferay failed, I meant the whole system first got mess, and then something is wrong one way or another, the first time and second time was login access were denied. the third time some content either disappeared or hiding from display.

I would appreciate if someone could provide some tips to resolve those issues.


I am new to Bitnaimi, when I submit this thread, there was a reminder saying that I could download some tool somewhere but I did not make it. If someone knows where to download this tool, and how to use this tool to resolve above issue, then it would be it highly appreciated


Our Support Tool that will gather relevant information for us to debug the issue. Could you please download and execute it on the machine where the stack is running by following the steps described in the guide below?

How to Run the Bitnami Support Tool

Please note that you need to paste the code outputted by the tool in your reply.

Thank you David, I got two servers that failed. The one that is still working but have some malfunctioned has following code:
4d337279-c0e0-740c-ad08-6cecb0fa6170 .

Another server had 62e1d229-9646-ab0f-96be-901257e884d8t .

In the second server, i successfully run the new Liferay 7.1.1 installer under another directory to /opt/bitmani . But I was unable to remove old the Liferay 7.1.1 that is the /opt/bitnami directory as I could not find the tool (something like serviceinstall.bat REMOVE etc )

Also David as I already reported the issues (I get something is harmful to database has been done) which believe not recoverable, I would delete them in two hours. If you think that the faulty can be fixed without restore to a previous state, please let me know.


another sever that has a similar issue: f480ecaf-7a2c-2279-dbb4-a9024eb

Hello @xiao3307

In this case, you can you run the following to remove completely you previous Liferay installation:

sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop
sudo rm -rf /opt/bitnami/

About the rest of issues, let’s try to go through them one by one.

What exact issue are you facing in the server with this bnsupport-ID? Which exact steps did you follow to reproduce this issue?

Note that we don’t provide support about Mobile Devices Detection since we don’t know about this solution, and in case the issues are related to this, I would suggest you contacting their developers instead.

Regards and Happy New Year

Thank you David, Happy New Year to you

I appreciated your effort even working on new year’s even. But I was waiting for your feedback. what was the debug code suggested ? if you believe (I had the same thought) that it was an issue that for the Liferay developer to resolve than I will post a thread there. But I would need your confirmation first.

But I do hope that the Mobile Device Detection portlet is going to be packaged with the Mobile Device Detection (MDD) module. It looks like that without MDD, no one would be able to visit the Liferay application though their mobiles which is very unfortunate.



I meant I did hope that Bitnami Liferay Stack was going to be packed (shipped) with Mobile Device Detention Module

Hi @xiao3307

Thanks so much for your feedback. I agree that this module should be shipped by default since it’s very important to improve the performance of the site when visiting using mobile devices.

I’m going to open a task and include it in our backlog. It will be considered for future application versions.

We will update this thread as soon as we haver more news.

Best Regards,

Juan Ariza

Thank you jariza,

I really appreciate your move.