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I am trying to upgrade a testlink 1.9.12 database to 1.9.20. I can find the upgrade to 1.9.20 files in \testlink-1.9.0\install\sql\alter_tables\1.9\mysql\DB.1.3\ but this is just a step 1 and step z file (with no subversions between). I have tried running this but when I start testlink 1.9.20 it comes up with the

"You need to proceed with Manual upgrade of your DB scheme to DB 1.9.20 - Read README file."

Where can I find (or download) the MySQL upgrade files from 1.9.12 > 13 > 14 >… >20?
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And, to answer my own question, I’ve located them at https://github.com/TestLinkOpenSourceTRMS/testlink-code/tree/testlink_1_9/install/sql/alter_tables

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