Migration from Alfresco Community for Windows to Bitnami

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Hi we are migrating from Alfresco Community edition to Bitnami. We are looking forward to some guides or best practies but we aren’t able to find something.
Could you please help us?
kind regards

Hi @andrea.cocco,

Thanks for using Bitnami! We don’t have any guide for migrating Alfresco data from one server to another, but you can use the official guides from Alfresco documentation.


For importing the database information, you can also use our guide below


Apart from the above, we also recommend you to migrate between instances using the very same Alfresco version, to avoid issues with changes introduced between different versions in the data structure.

Hope it helps!

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately we need to migrate from an old Windows installation to a new bitnami stack.

Docs are not very exhaustive …

Thanks anyway, we’ll do some tests.


Hi @andrea.cocco,

Thanks for your message. If you are trying to migrate from an old different version, we recommend you to check the process with the Alfresco team in their community forum.


Notice that they may have introduced many changes between versions that may convert the migration process in a not so easy process in case you need to apply any intermediate update to your data structure. I think the best option in this case is to get help from the official developers.


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