Migrating ResourceSpace from another server to Bitnami / Google install

We are needing to migrate (approx. 40GB) of files from our ResourceSpace installation at Dreamhost – how easy would this be with a fresh install via Bitnami on Google Cloud?


  1. Install Bitnami RS instance
  2. Upload ResourceSpace DB from old server
  3. Transfer (rsync?) files from old server
  4. Update config with any new / require settings on new server
  5. Done?

Any help would be much appreciated…


Hi @christiaan,

Before everything, please do a backup.

If RS are the same version, it should be ok to restore on the new instance a SQL dump from your previous DB. After that, copy the filestore directory to the new machine. We install the application on /opt/bitnami/apps/resourcespace/htdocs.

This new instance has already configurated Apache and MySQL, so unless you want any extra setting you don’t need to edit anything.

Let us know any question you may have.

Thank you,

Great - thanks for that. Config was more about editing / matching the old ResourceSpace config file. Sounds straightforward enough, though never having used Bitnami or Google Cloud systems before, may be a bit of a learning curve. Will report how I get on once complete.


Hi @christiaan,

Feel free to post any issue you may find during your migration :smiley:

Best regards,

OK, I’ve managed to get almost everything up and running, however I don’t seem to be able to modify (edit) or upload any files via SFTP. I’ve created a SSH user and can use SFTP to browser / read files, however I can’t save them back to the server?

Using sudo via SSH works, but will need to do this via SFTP to transfer / update files in the install.


I’ve worked this out - I’ve ended up duplicating my ssh public key on both my local and server instances and changed the user to bitnami so I can now connect as the ‘bitnami’ user with proper read/write access.

Hi @christiaan,

Thanks for sharing your solution. We are glad you solved the issue.