Migrating full Wordpress website

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I was trying to migrate my website to AWS
I was utilizing lightsail in order to configure the instance,
Now i am trying to migrate the wordpress folders i was downloading to opt/bitnami/wordpress

Though i have noticed the files are now spread over the instance and are not located on one folder,

Before breaking the website down, is that the expected behaviour or theres another process i should follow,

As well while dropping the DB abd trying to push my website’s DB the expected behaviour is that the website should be broken, though it didn’t, is that okay?

Hello @elad,

You should follow this documentation:

I hope it helps

Hey @davidg ,
Thank you for your advice,
though, as I was looking at the article, the tutorial assumes i have Bitnami instances on both source and destination, However, the source is a clean WordPress installed on hosting website (namecheap), will this article still work for the migration?

thank you in advanced.

Hi @elad,

yes, it should work because it’s an external plugin what performs the migration.

Happy to help!

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