Migrate existing pv in a standalone to replicaset architecture

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I am currently running mongodb as a standalone single instance in a GCP cluster. But currently i am facing high load and want to scale mongodb using bitnami helm chart to a replicaset architecture. Please help me with steps to migrate the existing setup along with the data in PV to a replicaset architecture

Hello @abhishek.chauhan,

Thanks for using Bitnami. As mentioned in the messages you are getting, you need to configure Magento to use a domain name or IP address to work properly. You will need to run the proposed commands to get the required information configured in your Magento website.

Apart from that, please note we don’t offer support for our container images or helm charts here in this Community forum. We offer support for these platforms using GitHub issues. If you continue having issues starting your Magento website, please open a new issue in the GitHub repo linked below. Our team is actively monitoring them and will be glad of helping you.