Metricbeat not creating index in Elasticsearch

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Hello, I have started the Bitnami ELK image on a GCP VM and also installed the OSS version of Metricbeat on the same VM. Even though everything looks okay, for some reason I don’t see the Metricbeat index created in elastic, and kibana too cannot display the metrics

The service is active when I run sudo service metricbeat status

And things are okay when running sudo metricbeat test output

But running curl -X GET localhost:9200/_cat/indices shows that there is no index created for Metricbeat

Upon running Metricbeat setup -e I was also informed that at the kibana dashboards have been loaded successfully, and the logs show that the index template is loaded.

Thank you very much for your help

Hi @jeanne,

Thank you for using Bitnami. That question is specific about the application and we do not have any guide to connect Metricbeat with the ELK solution. I suggest you ask in the official forums of the application to get more information about it so you know how to debug the issue.

Do no hesitate to create a new topic in this forum if you have any other questions.


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