Message migration from RabbitMQ 3.6. Where 3.7 download?

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We are running the Bitnami RabbitMQ VM at version 3.6, and are looking to get upgraded to 3.10 while retaining messages currently in the queues.

Based on the answer in RabbitMQ service doesn't start following an upgrade to 3.7.21 it looks like the correct approach for accomplishing this upgrade is to migration hop from:
(Current) 3.6 VM → 3.7 VM
3.7 VM → 3.8 VM
3.8 VM → 3.9 VM
3.9 VM → 3.10 VM
And using the backup/restore procedure documented here ( Create and restore application backups ) to perform the migration from one VM to the other.

QUESTION 1) Is that the correct approach for accomplishing the 3.6->3.10 upgrade with message data migration?

QUESTION 2) Is the 3.7 OVA download still available? (On the download page I see 3.8, 3.9, and 3.10 but no longer 3.7)

I do not know if there is a straightforward way to upgrade your solution. You can ask the RabbitMQ developers to know if you can migrate your data directly from a 3.6 deployment to a 3.10 one.

You can download it by using this link:

Thank you very much for the download link.

Regarding the direct upgrade, I do not think it is supported based on the docs. However it looks like the only change from my original comment is that the 3.8->3.9 upgrade is not necessary, as apparently 3.8->3.10 is supported.

Reference: Release RabbitMQ 3.10.0 · rabbitmq/rabbitmq-server · GitHub
" … first upgrade to the latest 3.8.x patch release on Erlang 23.2, then upgrade to 3.10.0 , and ideally Erlang 24."

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