Mercurial Not working with Phabricator Virtual Machine

Hi there.
First at all, thanks for this ready to use Servers Stacks. They are very helpful.

I downloaded the Phabricator Virtual Machine and it seems mercurial isn´t installed by default, after installing mercurial (i tested HG 2.8.2 and 3) i can create and pull the repositories created inside Phabricator, but when i try to push changes to Phabricator server i have the following error:

pushing to
http authorization required for
realm: Phabricator Repositories
user: user
searching for changes
remote: adding changesets
remote: adding manifests
remote: adding file changes
remote: added 2 changesets with 2 changes to 1 files
remote: /usr/bin/env: php: No such file or directory
remote: transaction abort!
remote: rollback completed
remote: abort: pretxnchangegroup.phabricator hook exited with status 127

…Seems to be related with HG or PHP not being in the PATH, i tried to fix that but my Linux Knowledge hit a limit.
Probably this seems a very dumb error to fix, but one of the important points of these stacks is they can be use for people that don´t know that much about them.

Thank you very much for any suggestion.


We have a guide to know how to create repositories managed by Phabricator for Git but it could be similar for Hg

Note it is very simple if you configure Phabricator to use an external Hg repository but it requires to configure SSH server if you want to use hosted repositories in the Phabricator server. I hope it helps.