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I am trying to launch a bitnami AMI “WordPress with NGINX and SSL Certified by Bitnami and Automattic” and it states it uses MySQL as database. However when I launch it is mariadb. I need to use MySQL. How do I change it, or is there an AMI with MYSQL?

Hi @dan7,

You are referring to the description in the AWS Marketplace, right?

That’s a typo in our systems and we will work on updating them. The solution now includes MySQL instead of MariaDB. Thank you for reporting it.

You can’t change it and if you want MySQL, you will need to use an old version of the solution

Hi Jota, If I run this older version of the solution then I run the risk of security issues. Do you know if there are planned ongoing updates to this AMI ? Or is it discontinued and I should change from Mysql to MariaDB.

Thank you

Hi @dan7,

We moved from MySQL to MariaDB and will not maintain the old versions. You should move to the latest version of the solution to not to run into security issues as you mentioned.

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