Mail stopped working in virtual macine

I have installed canvas LMS with the help of bitnami VM

Now the mail communication stopped working.

Getting the error as mentioned in snapshot.


Did you change anything in your mail configuration? Are you using a custom mail server or another service like GMail? Maybe the access policy changed and now you are required to configure it differently. Here it mentions something about STARTTLS, what’s your mail configuration? Have you tried modifying it?

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Javier J. Salmerón

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I have found that its working in Bitnami virtual machine but not working in Bitnami installer canvas.

the settings of outgoinmail.yml is as follow.


delivery_method: test

delivery_method: “smtp”
address: “
port: 587
enable_starttls_auto: “true”
user_name: “”
password: “xxxx”
authentication: “plain”

plain, login, or cram_md5

domain: “
outgoing_address: “”
default_name: installer canvas

Hello @jatin.parmar

It seems an error in the Authentication process. You mentioned that it worked in the VM but… Are you using the same credentials in the configuration of the VM? I mean, are you using the same user_name and password? I just want to discard it’s not related with that.

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Juan Ariza

Please review the configuration of both setup.

debian is VM
canvas is installer


Could it be that it is a networking issue? Where are these two instances located? Could you also provide more details about the OS you are running the installer in? Maybe there is some sort of incompatibility or system package missing (though this should not affect).

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Javier J. Salmerón

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