Mac OSx After guest user registration on TestLink1.9.20(DEV), admin credentials? THE PREVIOUS ANSWER not helping, so please don't just close this

Although this exact topic already exists, andis closed because an answer was provided, I am adding the same question once again - due to the answer not actually providing a solution.

I install the bitnami teslink pack and get 1.9.20 [DEV] home page, that asks me to create login… I do, and I am a guest user. But I need to be an admin user. What to do?

The answer provided previously was…

"The Bitnami solution comes with a pre-configured username and password"
However, when I go to that page, it says:

Windows, OS X and Linux installer

The password was configured by you when you first installed the application.

The user that I configure lets me enter as a guest, and not admin.
Any suggestions?

Thanks very much


To add some more info: it is a MAC OS X where I tried to install it, and I understand that somewhere the user permissions need to be changed. But where?

Hi @ivana.balazevic1

Thanks for using Bitnami Testlink!

1.9.20 [DEV] home page…

The latest version of Bitnami Testlink for OS X is provided as a VM, so you should follow that specific section in the guide :slightly_smiling_face:


I have installed the stack myself and show you how, but this same steps are described in the guide.

  1. From the stack main application dashboard, ensure that testlink is running (you can see a green dot) and choose “Open Terminal”.


  1. A new terminal window will pop up, and you should write the command:
sudo cat /home/bitnami/bitnami_credentials

This will print the default admin credentials:


Hope this helps!

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Jose Antonio Carmona

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