MAC M1: Error starting "testlink" stack, cannot calculate MAC address:

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I am not able to start the stack on MAC M1 laptop.

Testlink version: bitnami-testlink-1.9.20-14-r51-osx-x86_64-vm

ERROR that I get: Error starting “testlink” stack, cannot calculate MAC address: hv_vm_create unknown error -85377023

Stackman Log:
time=“2021-02-01T22:15:05+02:00” level=info msg=“Using “/Applications/””
time=“2021-02-01T22:15:05+02:00” level=debug msg=“Copying “/Applications/” -> “/Users/iftimealex/.bitnami/stackman/machines/testlink/vm/vmlinuz””
time=“2021-02-01T22:15:05+02:00” level=debug msg="Decompressing “/Applications/” -> “/Users/iftimealex/.bitnami/stackman/machines/testlink/vm/machine.qcow2"”
time=“2021-02-01T22:15:07+02:00” level=debug msg=“Copying “/Applications/” -> “/Users/iftimealex/.bitnami/stackman/machines/testlink/vm/initrd.img””
time=“2021-02-01T22:15:07+02:00” level=info msg=“Creating SSH key…”
time=“2021-02-01T22:15:28+02:00” level=debug msg=“hyperkit called with args [-M -A -H -U BF8ABBFC-B938-4D2A-A017-AE6ACFCB50B4 -c 1 -m 512M -s 0:0,hostbridge -s 31,lpc -l com1,autopty=/Users/iftimealex/.bitnami/stackman/machines/testlink/tmp/tty,log=/Users/iftimealex/.bitnami/stackman/machines/testlink/log/boot.log -s 2:0,virtio-net -F /Users/iftimealex/.bitnami/stackman/machines/testlink/tmp/ -s 4:0,virtio-blk,file:///Users/iftimealex/.bitnami/stackman/machines/testlink/vm/machine.qcow2?sync=os&buffered=1,format=qcow,qcow-config=discard=true;compact_after_unmaps=0;keep_erased=0;runtime_asserts=false -f kexec,/Users/iftimealex/.bitnami/stackman/machines/testlink/vm/vmlinuz,/Users/iftimealex/.bitnami/stackman/machines/testlink/vm/initrd.img,earlyprintk=serial console=ttyS0 root=/dev/vda1 -s 5:0,virtio-blk,file:///Users/iftimealex/.bitnami/stackman/machines/testlink/vm/firstboot.qcow2?sync=os&buffered=1,format=qcow,qcow-config=discard=true;compact_after_unmaps=0;keep_erased=0;runtime_asserts=false]: stdout: ; stderr: hv_vm_create unknown error -85377023\n”

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Hi @alex_iftime,

Thanks for using Bitnami. There are other threads with the same question in the forum. Can you please check the next post?


Unfortunately this didn’t solved my issue, seems that there are no errors in that file.

_iftimealex@MacBook-Air machines % qemu-img check ./testlink/vm/machine.qcow2 _
No errors were found on the image.
26987/244141 = 11.05% allocated, 0.00% fragmented, 0.00% compressed clusters
Image end offset: 1769668608

Nevertheless I run the fix command, but nothing changed.

Hi @alex_iftime,

Thanks for the info. Can you give us a bit more information on your environment? Is it the first time you are running TestLink on your OS X computer? Did you upgrade the operating system before facing this error?

Can you try the WordPress OS X VM? I’m afraid I can’t test it on my side (I don’t have an M1 machine)

hi @gongomgra

I used and I am still using TestLink on my previous MAC which is with an Intel Chipset. I have upgraded to a new MAC laptop with the M1 chip. Yes is the first time running on this new laptop. The operating system is the last one from Apple, MacOS BigSur, so yes its updated.

I’m gonna try the Wordpress OS X VM, and will let you know the feedback

Thanks, Alex

Hi @gongomgra

I installed the WordPress OS X VM, and I get the same error: cannot calculate MAC address: hv_vm_create unknown error -85377023

Hi @alex_iftime,

Thanks for testing our solutions. I checked your case with our engineering team and they confirmed ARM devices aren’t supported for our OS X virtual machines, so I’m afraid you can’t use them on your new laptop.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Hi @gongomgra

Do you plan to release a version that will support ARM devices in the near future? Is it part of your roadmap?


Hi @alex_iftime,

This is in our roadmap, but unfortunately, we can’t provide you with any estimation on when it would be ready.


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